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This is accessed through Maintenance / Online Reservations / Hercules / Hercules Setup, Connections tab. These settings are critical for the connection itself. Once these are set, there is usually no reason to ever change them.

Automatically connect to the Internet each time -- If your internet connection is high-speed (always-on), this setting won't matter -- but we recommend that this option be checked anyway. However if you use a dial-up internet service, you can select this option to connect automatically when it needs to communicate. Of course if all you have is dialup, the 2-way interface is probably not going to work for you anyway.

Customer # and Password -- You will need to enter the appropriate settings for connecting with your account on Hercules. Contact Leisure Interactive to get the proper settings -- keep in mind that these are not the same as the Username and Password that you use to log in to the online interface. Be sure to ask for the 2-way interface customer number (they also call it the Record # and it's usually a 5-digit number) and have Leisure Interactive set up a 2-way interface password for you.

Download & Upload host/file/port -- These entries default to the proper settings to use, as of the time of this writing. Be careful not to modify them! Just in case you need to fix them, here are the correct settings (again, accurate as of the time of this writing, but they may change if Hercules changes its servers):

Download host:      http://hercules.reservationfriend.com      Port: 80
Download file:      /Sync.aspx
Upload host:      http://hercules.reservationfriend.com      Port: 80
Upload file:      /Sync.aspx

Local Working Directory -- This is where it will save the downloaded requests locally, for temporary processing. Other temporary files may also be placed there, for instance the availability data to be uploaded. The recommended setting is to leave this blank, which means it will use the same folder as the Campground Master database. If you prefer to put it somewhere else, enter the entire path name here. However be very careful that the path actually exists and has the necessary permissions for Campground Master to manipulate files there.

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